We work hard, and our students do too.

Let's help them transfer what they learn in lessons and practice at home to the stage so they can share their music with confidence, security, and joy.

How do you feel about teaching your students to perform?

Do any of the following resonate?

👉 Your students often do not perform as well as you expect, and you’d like to help them be more successful under pressure. 

👉 You’ve never offered a studio recital before, and you’d like to learn how to do it in a way that benefits your students as well as builds your studio. 

👉 You love to perform, but some of your students do not, and you want to help them enjoy it more. 

👉 You don’t like to perform, but you know it’s important for your students, and you’d like to know how to create performances for your students that are positive and encourage retention. 

👉 You want to help your students play securely from memory. 

👉 You want to know how best to prevent "performance anxiety" and help students deal with nerves.

👉 You want to raise the bar in your studio and encourage a higher level of achievement. 

👉 You are terrified of giving the welcome speech at your studio recital and need a script! 

If any of the above apply to you, or if you're just looking for a refresher on how to help students perform at their best, I'd love for you to join me and other teachers around the world taking this course.


  • the joy of sharing beautiful music with others

  • the ability to set and achieve clear goals

  • parents and caregivers who can see their return on investment

  • the life skill of being able to get up in front of others and execute a performance

  • positive studio culture

  • marketing opportunities and word of mouth advertising when people hear studio members perform

What's included?

6 modules of video content to help you develop your vision for performance and train your students to perform confidently and securely:

  • Foundations: The Benefits of Performance and Studio Teachers as Leaders

  • Creative and Developmentally-Appropriate Performance Opportunities

  • Building a Foundation for Expressive Performance (Training Students to Perform Historical Repertoire)

  • Preventing and Managing "Performance Anxiety"

  • Teaching Memorization

  • Crafting an Excellent Studio Recital

But there's more!

In addition to 6 modules of video content, all enrolled students will have access to:

  • PDF workbook

    The workbook for each lesson contains space to take notes and multiple questions for reflection to help you immediately put the material into practice.

  • Outside resources

    Each lesson includes links to more supporting materials from other pedagogues and resources for those wishing to take a deeper dive on a particular topic.

Meet the Teacher

Janna Williamson

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Janna, and I am a pianist and teacher in the suburbs of Chicago. I have always loved to perform. While my students might not all love it as much as I do, I seem to have a knack for helping them become confident, reliable performers. Now I delight in helping other teachers do the same. I hold both a bachelors and masters degree in piano performance and I've been an MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher for nearly 20 years. I take my music-making and my teaching very seriously, but I also hope to find joy and laugh a lot along the way.


Linda Koistinen

I took this course because I was interested in learning how to make my students more confident performers when playing by memory. I got so much more! Janna has a depth of knowledge that allows her to approach a topic from so many angles. I am an experienced teacher with a large studio and I was able to immediately implement new techniques into my daily teaching. Janna is clearly a teacher with high standards, and that, coupled with a passion for excellent teaching makes this a course that will benefit any serious piano teacher.

Becky Wallenborn

Through this course, I gained many new ideas about recital preparation, planning and addressing the conceptions (and pre-conceptions) students have towards performing. The content validated many of my own strategies over the years but also gave me much to ponder regarding my students and their capabilities, as well as my own. Janna's energetic presentations were thorough, succinct, clear, and filled with doses of humor - I truly appreciated this balance.

Angela Jacobson

This was such a lovely and valuable class! Janna is a knowledgeable and warm teacher. The material was well organized and thought provoking. I have been teaching for almost 40 years, and I learned new things accompanied by many "aha" moments within each module. I especially appreciated the supplemental materials/resources. I have never been very good at memorizing, and much valuable information was shared about the "why" and "how" to successfully do this.

Let's do this!

Get empowered to prepare your students to perform their best.